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Friday, December 16, 2005


Följande citat krossar alla argument för övervakning, då det visar hur övervakning är totalt ogenomförbar:
No ports, no IP's. The folks who came up with this don't think that far.

They think that:
- e-mail is just like phone
- spam does not exist
- ISP's only handle private traffic
- ISP's handle ALL traffic, and have full access to it
- Only EU citizens use ISPs in Europe
- Encryption does not exist
- No-one has his own mailserver
- No-one is going to try to make money by offering tunneling services to non-EU countries
- Terrorists are dumber than they are

It's not that they want every ISP to scan all packets. They're just thinking like lusers. They think internet is managable.

Their plan sucks. It doesn't work, it's leaking like a raincloud, it's unconstitutional for a lot of member states, and they bombard ISPs with costs, work and responsibilities they never asked for and they KNOW is bullcrap.

It's absurd.

(Via isecore)
Internet går inte att reglera. Så enkelt är det.


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